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Your Brain and Chocolate

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A recent clinical trial by the chocolate-maker Mars reports that consumption of cocoa flavanols (antioxidant compounds of dark chocolate) helps older adults with mild cognitive impairment.   This new report shows for the first time that cocoa has a positive effect in cognitive function.  Further research is still needed to expand on this information but given that these trials were done in a short time and already show promising results, we can only imagine what the future will hold.  We already know that dark chocolate is considered a diuretic, stimulant and even an aphrodisiac. And it can soothe a broken heart, at least temporarily,  by releasing the cupids or brain chemicals that are  responsible for the feeling of being in love.  Hopefully further studies will conclude that this chocolate affair could very well keep our minds sharp as we age.  Having said this, a chocolate addiction can turn those feelings of love and that enlightened  mind into a hyperactive insomniac mess and that tummy into a gastrointestinal turmoil that will surely keep your lover at bay.  So moderation here is key: grab a spoonful of cacao nibs and a square of dark, very dark chocolate (at least 70%) or a low-fat cup of hot chocolate.


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